Tele-BEARS Overview

Tele-BEARS is the system used at Berkeley for all course enrollment and registration transactions. You may access the system online at

Before we begin, there are a few important pieces of information you'll need to be familiar with:

  • CalNet ID: a unique username used to access all UC Berkeley Systems.
  • Student Identification Number: a unique 8-digit number the campus uses to identify you as a current student and will appear on your Cal 1 Card (photo ID).
  • Passphrase: the same as the passphrase you created for your CalNet ID.
  • AC (Adviser Code): a 4-digit number you will receive once your schedule has been approved by your adviser that will allow you to register for classes.
  • Appointment Periods: the assigned periods you are allowed to access the system. You can check your appointment dates and times on BearFacts (

Here's a handy video where CalSO Leaders take you through the process of how to do Tele-BEARS, with tips and tricks for using the system.

How to use Tele-BEARS (4:42)

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Schedule of Classes

Watch the video to learn how to search for a class, and find out what all the information in the Schedule means.

How to Choose Classes at Cal (4:14)

Once again, if you'd rather read, you can try the online text version complete with screen shots!

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Find out what to do next!

Virtual Tele-BEARS Tutorial
Phase I
Phase II
Adjustment Period
Usage Limits
Enrollment Strategies
Using Tele-BEARS
Other Enrollment
Other online systems
Schedule of Classes

Take it slow in terms of classes. There is no point in rushing through your major requirements, and you'll likely stress yourself out and perform poorly as a result.

—Bryan, Legal Studies/Molecular and Cell Biology