Phase II

Phase II is your first opportunity to add more classes so that you can attain a full course load. Your Phase II appointment time has already been assigned to you and can be found on

Phase II allows you to sign up for a "soft" limit of 16 units. This means that once you reach or exceed 16 units, you cannot add more classes. However, if you have 15 units, you will be able to add one final class (even if that takes you over 16 units). Remember that both enrolled and waitlisted units are included as part of your unit total. Check the Tele-BEARS policy for further clarification.

Like Phase I, you can make modifications to your schedule after your specific appointment time during Open Hours (weekdays, 7-8AM and 7PM-midnight; weekends, noon to midnight). You cannot access Tele-BEARS once Phase II begins until your appointment time, even during Open Hours.

After adding, dropping, or changing any classes, you should review your schedule on BearFacts.

Adjustment Period

The Adjustment Period begins a few days after Phase II ends, allowing students to continue to make changes to their schedule through the first few weeks of classes. During this time, you can enroll up to the maximum unit limit for your college.

Most courses can be added through the fifth week of instruction or dropped using Tele-BEARS. However, after the third week of instruction there will be a $5 fee for every course added and, after the second week, a $10 fee for every course dropped.

There are a small number of "Early Drop Deadline" (EDD) courses which cannot be dropped after the second week of instruction without the Dean's approval. These courses are listed on the online Schedule of Classes.

As a new student, you will have access to Tele-BEARS during the Adjustment Period weekdays from 7AM-midnight (PST).

A current student calendar listing important enrollment dates and deadlines can be found on the Office of the Registrar's website.

Usage Limits

You can access Tele-BEARS up to 40 times during Phase I and 40 times during Phase II. You may access the system up to 80 times during the Adjustment Period. If you have reached the maximum number of sessions and you still need to use Tele-BEARS, contact Cal Student Central.

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Enroll in a seminar—not only do you get units just for talking to some really nice professors, but if you're lucky, you can get a field trip and some free meals out of the deal.

—Nathan, Business and Environmental Economics and Policy